View from James and Jens place looking at Penshurst Place and "my" sheep in Kent :)
My sheep do not sleep,
they like to drop into the mud
with a great big thud,
one of them is thirty
and he gets very dirty,
but when we clean him
his wool is as white
as snow,
my sheep do not
eat grass they like to cook
with their Jamie Oliver book,
my sheep pick flowers as big
as towers and put them in
vases,one of my sheep is
as stuborn as a mule, another
one of my sheep can leep
as high as a bird can fly,
some of my sheep even have a
peep to see what is on tv. As
you can see my sheep are not like
normall sheep they are actually as
uniqe as they can be.


10/05/2013 5:34am

What a great story. Our poor sheep in central Queensland are having a real problem with a drought. Can you imagine after all the rain we have had. Keep writing. Love it.

24/12/2016 6:49am

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Luce Murray
01/06/2013 1:01am

Hahaha so funny! I really like the Jamie Oliver book bit. How are you?

12/06/2013 4:49pm


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