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View from James and Jens place looking at Penshurst Place and "my" sheep in Kent :)
My sheep do not sleep,
they like to drop into the mud
with a great big thud,
one of them is thirty
and he gets very dirty,
but when we clean him
his wool is as white
as snow,
my sheep do not
eat grass they like to cook
with their Jamie Oliver book,
my sheep pick flowers as big
as towers and put them in
vases,one of my sheep is
as stuborn as a mule, another
one of my sheep can leep
as high as a bird can fly,
some of my sheep even have a
peep to see what is on tv. As
you can see my sheep are not like
normall sheep they are actually as
uniqe as they can be.
<![CDATA[Animals in the Alps]]>Mon, 08 Apr 2013 11:05:36 GMThttp://feely.org/sophias-blog/animals-in-the-alps
These are all of the animals that live in Chatel
King Eagles

Marmots only come out in summer. In the winter they dig holes in the ground, and sleep for the whole winter. Marmots also look like beavers.

King Eagles are always flying around so they are not that interesting when you see them, its like seeing a dog on the street. The appearance of the king eagle is brown body and a yellow beak.

We didn't see Deer, wolf, rabbits or marmots because these animals are deep in the middle of the forest and nowhere near the piste (ski runs).

In Saas Almagell we saw four  types of animals.One was a deer. It is called a Chamois. The second one is like a goat  with big curved horns, called an Ibex.The third animal was like a sheep but half of their body is black and the other half is white. The last animal was a very small black deer.We saw these animals playing on the bottom of the mountain. 
<![CDATA[Glaciers in Zermatt and Saas Fee]]>Mon, 08 Apr 2013 10:02:32 GMThttp://feely.org/sophias-blog/glaciers-in-zermatt-and-saas-fee
These are some pictures of glaciers in Zermatt and Saas Fee. Glaciers are formed by snow that stays in the same place year-round, when enough snow increases to transform into ice it forms a glacier. Each year new layers form and put pressure on previous layers which means that glaciers are always growing and moving down the mountain.

When we saw the glaciers it was really incredible to be so close and see the colour of it (the colour of a glacier that we saw was a blue colour). It is amazing to look at the shapes that they form.On one of the roads to a piste you can actually touch the glacier!
<![CDATA[China Feb 2013]]>Fri, 01 Feb 2013 17:16:39 GMThttp://feely.org/sophias-blog/china-feb-2013
Great Wall of China
When we went to Beijing we went and saw the Great Wall of China. It isn't that big in width and height but huge in length.  On the Great Wall of China there are lots of watch towers. A watch tower is a 2 floor old little building where thousands of gurads watched to make sure that they kept the Hunsout of China.  There are two types of towers, one is called the watch tower and one is called the signal tower.  There were two types of signals, in the day they would burn wolf poo and in the night they made a fire. They used wolf poo because when you burn it, the smoke stays very clear in the sky.  In the watch towers, on the second floor there were 2 beds, one for the person from the watch tower and one for the person in the signal tower.

Acrobatic Show
Another thing we did in China was go to a show which was amazing. These pictures were of my favourite parts of the show.  For the first act there was a girl and a chair and the girl was lifting herself upside down and doing lots of really tricky stretches while people just kept bringing out chairs, and in the end she was on top of about sixchairs.  For the next act, there was a group of girls all riding bikes and each one of them did a fancy trick on the bike and then all of the girls ran off stage except for one girl and then all the other girls ran back
on stage and they all made a pyramid and rode around.  The last act was where they brought out a big ball and someone drove a real motorbike into it, then one by one, another 6 people drove their bikes into the ball and they were all doing circles in different directions - this part was my favourite of all!

The zoo
We also took a quick look at the zoo and saw some balck and white pandas, red pandas and a white wolf.

Terracotta Warriors
In the Qin Dynasty (221BC - 206BC) there was an Emperor called Qin and he wanted to make Brinze statues of his officers, warriors and generals but his advisor said he shouldn't make them out of bronze because he spent too much money building the Great Wall of China and lots of buildings.  His advisor suggested he make them from clay so he did and painted them. And this very day they are still putting clay statues back together.  But they still haven't opened Emperor Qin's tomb because they think it has traps in it.

<![CDATA[Tiger Kingdom - Chang Mai ]]>Sun, 13 Jan 2013 08:00:45 GMThttp://feely.org/sophias-blog/tiger-kingdom-chang-mai
Today we went to Tiger Kingdom to see and play with the tigers. Seeing the tigers was probably one of my favourite things in Chang Mai. Tiger kingdom is a place were you choose a size of a tiger and then you get to go in with him or her ( We went in with the cubs). You also get to cuddle them and take photos with them. These are some photos with me and some tigers.
<![CDATA[Phnom Penh Zoo]]>Fri, 28 Dec 2012 06:38:28 GMThttp://feely.org/sophias-blog/phnom-penh-zoo
Today we went to the zoo. When you arrive it is really cool because you walk through a gate to see monkeys and deer, but there are no cages so you can pat them and feed them. There is also a pond were you can see the monkeys swim, it is really funny because they all climb the trees and jump in. We saw lots of gibbons, and when you go up to the cage they stick out their hand for food. The main animal was the rescued Sun Bears, the had over 150 Sun Bears. When we went and saw the tigers a really massive tiger came out and walked around. We also saw pigs, otters, lizards, a really cute little wild Cambodia Cat. The last thing we saw were the elephants, one of the elephants had a prosthetic leg it was really sad:(:(it was really fun at the zoo and i really enjoyed it.:):):):):):)):):):):)
<![CDATA[Car trip entertainment...]]>Thu, 18 Oct 2012 04:36:23 GMThttp://feely.org/sophias-blog/car-trip-entertainment
Our drive from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh was supposed to be a 6 hour journey. However it turned into a 9 hour drive because police were closing down streets to allow the dead kings  body to be taken from the airport straight to the Royal Palace. My dad was telling the driver were to go and the driver was refusing to go down the road so they had to call a lot of people to explain everything. While Will and I all went a bit crazy and these are some photos of when I got creative with two head rests.
<![CDATA[Fish Spa :)]]>Tue, 16 Oct 2012 04:13:53 GMThttp://feely.org/sophias-blog/fish-spa
After a big day of touring we went out for dinner but before dinner we went to a fish spa. Fish spa's are were you put your feet into a big fish tank and all these fish come up to you and eat the dead skin off your feet It tickles and feels soooooo weird when you first put your feet in, it was really fun going to the fish spa.
<![CDATA[Senteurs d’Angkor in Siem Reap]]>Mon, 15 Oct 2012 03:55:15 GMThttp://feely.org/sophias-blog/senteurs-dangkor-in-siem-reap
Senteurs d' Angkor is a place were they make 100% natural things such as candles, soap, boxes (made out of sugar palm trees) , lip balms, massage oil, Cambodia balm, scented sticks, inscents, coffee and tea. This workshop employs 110 workers and 10% are handicaped.

The workshop does little tours of how they make things,  at the end of the tour you get to sit down and try some of there ice tea and coffee. Senteurs d' Angkor was one of my favourite places in Siem Reap I really enjoyed it and if you ever go to Siem Reap I recommend visiting the workshop.
<![CDATA[Elephant Painting]]>Fri, 12 Oct 2012 02:25:24 GMThttp://feely.org/sophias-blog/elephant-painting
This is a picture that an elephant painted. Its not the best painting in the the world but it is probably the worlds best painting that has been done by an elephant in my opinion. We found this picture in the foyer of our Battambang Hotel - King Fy