We went to a butterfly and insect farm in Chang Mai, Thailand. There were lots of bugs and mummy got creeped out with the spiders:)! Sophia and I held a Thai Scorpion but mummy and daddy were too scared! The scorpions in Thailand do have poison, however it is like the sting of a bee or a wasp. The sting is painful but harmless, however some people might develop an allergic reaction.

We loved it at the bug and butterfly farm!
The sea urchins are really funny as their eyes look like sparkles and lights. I was swimming right next to one at Koh Mak with my Dad. We saw lots of fish, sea cucumbers and spikie Urchins!
These are my new bugs from Battambang, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh...they are awesome!
This is my fish world page and this is me in a Fish spa in Siem Reap it feels really weird. When you go to Sie m Reap try and find a fish spa because they are really fun and they tickle. They also do your fingers too.

Did you know that there is a fish that opens his mouth all his life? And there also is a fish that spits. And a fish that is so still you can not even see that it is fish!
I went to a Cambodian school today and helped with some art, sport and building. We also played knuckles with local kids:)
This is what it is like to ride the Bamboo Train... take a ride with me it is  fun :) And try to spot the grasshopper!
hello Boys at Mosman Prep - I went on a Bamboo Train and a grasshopper was on the train with us but sadly it went off. Here are some pictures of us on the train. Ihope you have a good hoilday:)

Hi I love spotting Geckos on our trip ... here are some of my snaps so far :)