Will looking for a daily update
No this is not the Book of Genesis, however as someone who was adamant about “not keeping a blog when we go on our family gap year" ....then only to turn around and create an entire website dedicated to the trip. Well that probably needs a lead in story and mine is simple - Google Ads!

Here I was, just looking for a simple blog website which I could sign the kids up to so they could have a project as part of our ‘home schooling’ curriculum. Next thing I know I have bought a website from Go Daddy (that name is for real) and a web hosting service from iPage and ta da!

Now that may sound a little foolish and perhaps I just wanted to see if the claims that you could have a website up and running in under one hour are correct (which they sort of are).  However the biggest school boy error was yet to come. In deciding what pages we needed and handing out responsibilities for our new little virtual world I managed to sign up for the Daily Journal!! Yes on my first day of our official gap year I created a millstone around my neck for an entire year. Lydia scored trip highlights and naturally Sophia and Will are in charge of their ‘simple blogs’. Oh and I am also feely.org’s official help desk!  So it is now October 21, 2012 and here I am starting my online ‘daily journal’ …. Fortunately I have kept a few good old fashioned hand notes and the rest I will probably just make up as I go along.