We went to a butterfly and insect farm in Chang Mai, Thailand. There were lots of bugs and mummy got creeped out with the spiders:)! Sophia and I held a Thai Scorpion but mummy and daddy were too scared! The scorpions in Thailand do have poison, however it is like the sting of a bee or a wasp. The sting is painful but harmless, however some people might develop an allergic reaction.

We loved it at the bug and butterfly farm!


Grandma, Grandad & pETAL
19/01/2013 2:37am

More interesting things you have been doing,. I am pleased they did.t bite you. Keep up the good news we love it.

22/01/2013 5:39pm

Looks fantastic Will (apart from the scorpion) wish you were with me this morning, having a lovely swim in the passage when all the big blue jelly fish came into feed so I had to get out but I,m sure you would have loved watching them!! Looks like you are having an amazing time lots of love Nana and Poppyxx

Brad and Jen
11/02/2013 4:31am

Sounds like you're in bug heaven Will!

13/02/2013 4:15pm

Hi Will
Well you can have your creepy spiders. They do not look very soft and fury like the tigers. I have not seen any in the snow, but I am looking.

23/03/2013 6:58am

Hello Little Dude,

I'm not too sure about your bug collection. You are going to scare away all the girls but maybe that's ok as we can be an awful lot of trouble....except for your Mum, Sophia, Grandma and Nana, they are the good girls plus I bet they can all make really yummy caramel!

Switzerland looks like heaps of fun. Snow is so amazing isn't it and is so quiet when it falls. Not like rain in Australia which is very noisy. Have you made a snowman yet? I bet you've had lots of fun learning to ski as well....are you better at skiing than Sophia?

It's nearly Easter and I can't believe you've been away all this time! Anyway I am very happy that it's nearly Easter because it means chocolates, yum! I just love chocolates and the Swiss people make fantastic chocolates... so wish I was with you to eat chocolates in Switzerland and maybe do a little skiing although I'm not very good at skiing!

Hope you get lots of chocolates and caramel for Easter. Miss you and Sophia !

Love Janita x

22/03/2016 2:32pm

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