These are my new bugs from Battambang, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh...they are awesome!


Grandma Grandad Petal
28/10/2012 6:38pm

Pleased to see you are adding to the collection. Have you learned to speak in the language yet. Perhaps you can give us the name next time. Enjoy your days. Love to you all

03/08/2017 8:12pm

I am sure that some readers felt quite uncomfortable looking at the photos you have posted. There are people who are afraid of different insects, that's why they don't have the time for article like this. But since it is Will's bug collection, I couldn't help but admire his love for these. He's just so young for stuff like this yet I can see that he is passionate taking care of these bugs. I wanted to go to Seam Reap to explore.

30/10/2012 7:02am

great to see your collection make sure you learn all the names of them.about time you did some on your blog
looking forward to see some more exciting things
i had a caramel icecream tonight yummy

Ella feely
10/01/2013 6:38pm

they are pretty cool.

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