This is my fish world page and this is me in a Fish spa in Siem Reap it feels really weird. When you go to Sie m Reap try and find a fish spa because they are really fun and they tickle. They also do your fingers too.

Did you know that there is a fish that opens his mouth all his life? And there also is a fish that spits. And a fish that is so still you can not even see that it is fish!


02/12/2012 6:28pm

Will loved your video of the fish not sure I would put my feet in there but it does look fun. good to see you love Nana and Poppy

03/07/2017 5:58am

I am so excited to all things you are about to share here! I am also into fish that's why when I saw the title of your post, it tickled my curiosity. I love the trivia that you've written. I have realized that there are still facts I don't know and it feels so refreshing to have known all these new information. I will repost this one to my page so they'll know it too!

08/09/2017 1:36am

I experienced soaking my feet in a fish spa and it made me feel good. Aside from its effect on our body, fishes remove our dead skins under our feet. It's relaxing and addicting at the same time. But I was told by a friend that fish spas in Seam Reap are extraordinary! This means that I have to fly to Cambodia for me to experience it first hand! If I have extra money, it's a sure thing that I will do this!

Uncle Tim
06/01/2013 5:53pm

Hi Will

Great Bugs, I hope you find many more. I am looking forward to seeing some of the butterflies that you may discover although this may be the wrong time of year.

07/01/2017 7:29am

Fine information, many thanks to the author. It is puzzling to me now, but in general, the usefulness and importance is overwhelming. Very much thanks again and best of luck!


To know such amazing things about fish world it has been the same that I have been wondering from a while. I am always having special interest to know about species of fishes.


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