Today we went to another school at this school we were teaching English here is a video of us teaching. Our first class was a big class and their age group was aged 8 and under. We taught them about flowers, clouds, puddles and trees. The next class was a smaller class their age group was 10 and over . We taught them about phrases such as going shopping, playing with friends and watching movies. I really enjoyed it.


Grandma Grandad & Petal
09/10/2012 2:56am

We always said that you would make a good teacher!!!!

James Perry
09/10/2012 12:00pm

I am very impressed with your authority at the front of the class and also your confidence. The children seemed very well organised and keen to learn from an Australian girl ... I hope that you're enjoying Cambodia, we can't wait to see you when you get to England!!!! Big love to you & your mum & Dad and Will.

10/10/2012 7:13am

I love the photo's and video of the school. How were the students? Were the well behaved? Did you meet anyone your age? X Katrina

20/10/2012 9:22pm

Yes they were all well behaved and there was a few people in the older class that were the same age:)

10/10/2012 11:08pm

Well done Sophia, I hope you can make the spring rplls for us when you come home.

Siena McMillan
11/10/2012 2:54am

Hi Sophia it is me Siena. It looks like you have had a really amazing time in Cambodia. It's so amazing how really got to teach those kids English. I would have loved to do that. Were the kids nice? Was it a nice school.

From your friend Siena McMillan

20/10/2012 9:28pm

Hi Siena:) the kids were really nice and it is really fun teaching them English, the school is really different to our school because they only have blackboards and there isn't anything on the walls it is just a cement floor with concrete walls and wooden tables with little skinny chairs:)

Lily Lane
12/10/2012 5:45pm

Hi Sophia it ia me Lily. let me just tell you something everybody is missing you. I hope you are having a great time and it looks like you are having lots of fun.

From your friend Lily Lane

20/10/2012 9:32pm

Hi Lily i am having a great time but i miss you all so much:)

Sophie Hewett
13/10/2012 10:22pm

Hi Sophia its Sophie.H
I hope your having a lovely time on your trip i loved
the video of you teaching english!
From your friend Sophie Hewett

Brad Baker
16/10/2012 7:05am

What a natural! Well done Sophia, glad to see you're having a great time.

Cheyenne yong
19/10/2012 9:51pm

That is amazing

Julia Aslan
03/11/2012 8:22pm

Hey Sophia I really miss u :( :(
Hope you are having a really good time and keep sending photos.
Now ur officially a teacher!!!:):)haha

Heidi Wrench
26/11/2012 11:56pm

Hi Sophia!!!!
I MISS U LIKE CRAZY!!!! I bet you're having fun!!!
Did the kids treat you like a teacher???

01/06/2013 2:32am

Hey Sophia, it must have been really fun teaching all those kids a language only you really know! I miss you a lot! CAN'T WAIT TILL U COME BACK!!!!!!!

06/09/2013 3:58am

HI Sophia
It looked like you had a great time speaking english!
From Clare Mitchell

Nikki Evans
07/03/2014 5:11am

Hi Sophia my bffl I just wanna say hi


Teaching English is also a very good thing because in this way they can learn the international language and the kids will able to get a lot of great knowledge. I have always great knowledge about the English and I am also a English teacher.

Rosie your bestie
01/08/2016 8:26pm

I miss you


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