Our drive from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh was supposed to be a 6 hour journey. However it turned into a 9 hour drive because police were closing down streets to allow the dead kings  body to be taken from the airport straight to the Royal Palace. My dad was telling the driver were to go and the driver was refusing to go down the road so they had to call a lot of people to explain everything. While Will and I all went a bit crazy and these are some photos of when I got creative with two head rests.


Grandma Grandad & Petal
06/12/2012 6:49am

What a wonderful journey. This bay was shown on TV just recently with the caves canoes etc It is exciting to know that you have been there.

06/12/2012 9:25pm

It was very exciting and fun kayaking through the caves and around the bay and getting close up to big cliffs and watching monkeys swing around in the trees:):)

16/09/2014 10:16am

I consider myself very empathetic and compassionate, I'm an avid reader of literature which is why I read the article.

27/09/2014 10:32pm

The graphics may play a role -- most people look better in monochrome, and make-up artists are quite good these days -- but, still, not a single one of the females looks to have been alive when Ford, maybe even Carter, was president.

Andy, dude, when I'm in Napa believe me I have ESP. Not so much in New York. But I feel you brother, er I mean, I sympathize with your well reasoned argument.

14/11/2014 8:29am

Don't assume your score, as interpreted here, provides an accurate assessment of your ability to perceive moods and emotions.

21/04/2015 3:17am

There were a couple of older-looking sets of eyes that I thought might have been female.

Hi there Sophia it is nice to meet someone your age who is interested in blogging and sharing her life with different people. The journey you have sure is long to be honest 6 hours in the car are already boring what more if it is 9 hours. The good thing is that you are with your family so you can have someone to play with. When there is only limited stuff to play with people sure tend to get creative just like what you did. Enjoy your time in Phnom Penh make sure to share your trip there here on your website.

07/12/2012 12:29am

It all sounds exciting and there's more!!!!!

10/12/2012 4:44am

There's nothing like a dead king to slow the traffic. But good to see you are using your hat-making skills to whip up a few fashionable pieces! What was Mum doing? Was she telling the driver where to go too?? xx Sal

Lucy Murray
31/03/2013 12:07am

Hey Sophia! You look like one of those Egyptians with those neck rests! Hope you are having a ton of fun! Miss you,

Luce xo

29/11/2015 1:49am

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08/07/2016 12:52am

Car Was Best option for LOng Drive :)

20/09/2016 12:06am

wonderful journey !!!

14/03/2017 1:58am

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