Our drive from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh was supposed to be a 6 hour journey. However it turned into a 9 hour drive because police were closing down streets to allow the dead kings  body to be taken from the airport straight to the Royal Palace. My dad was telling the driver were to go and the driver was refusing to go down the road so they had to call a lot of people to explain everything. While Will and I all went a bit crazy and these are some photos of when I got creative with two head rests.
After a big day of touring we went out for dinner but before dinner we went to a fish spa. Fish spa's are were you put your feet into a big fish tank and all these fish come up to you and eat the dead skin off your feet It tickles and feels soooooo weird when you first put your feet in, it was really fun going to the fish spa.
Senteurs d' Angkor is a place were they make 100% natural things such as candles, soap, boxes (made out of sugar palm trees) , lip balms, massage oil, Cambodia balm, scented sticks, inscents, coffee and tea. This workshop employs 110 workers and 10% are handicaped.

The workshop does little tours of how they make things,  at the end of the tour you get to sit down and try some of there ice tea and coffee. Senteurs d' Angkor was one of my favourite places in Siem Reap I really enjoyed it and if you ever go to Siem Reap I recommend visiting the workshop.
This is a picture that an elephant painted. Its not the best painting in the the world but it is probably the worlds best painting that has been done by an elephant in my opinion. We found this picture in the foyer of our Battambang Hotel - King Fy
This monument was created by four Cambodian artists and completed in September 2007. It was built from weapons surrendered by residents of Battambang province; due to the years of war at the end of last century, thousands of weapons had found their way into the hands of Cambodian civilians. Continuing efforts are being been made by the government, in conjunction with international bodies, to collect and destroy these weapons. The monument was sponsored by the Japanese government to mark Cambodia’s commitment to peace after the 30 years of conflict going back to the Vietnam War.
These are pictures of Battambang when it rains. The second, third and fourth pictures are of when we went to a school. When we were teaching some classes it started to rain really hard and when we left we were lucky enough that the rain wasn't so hard. But the school was floooded so when we tried to get back to the tuk tuk we had to take off our shoes and socks.  The water on the ground  was  quiet deep and made everything muddy. And when we got back to our hotel we must of looked funny walking in on bare feet.
Today we went to another school at this school we were teaching English here is a video of us teaching. Our first class was a big class and their age group was aged 8 and under. We taught them about flowers, clouds, puddles and trees. The next class was a smaller class their age group was 10 and over . We taught them about phrases such as going shopping, playing with friends and watching movies. I really enjoyed it.
Today we visited the crocodile farm and Wat Ek Phnom. Wat Ek Phnom is an eleventh century Angkorian ruin. The crocodile farm was really cool there are so many crocodiles lying on top of each other. The crocodiles in the pictures are very real don't be fooled!
For dinner we went to Nary's kitchen were they tell you what your going to make and then you go out to the market to buy some ingredients. Then you come back and start cooking. We made fried spring rolls,beef loc lac and chicken amok these are some photos of me cooking.