These are all of the animals that live in Chatel
King Eagles

Marmots only come out in summer. In the winter they dig holes in the ground, and sleep for the whole winter. Marmots also look like beavers.

King Eagles are always flying around so they are not that interesting when you see them, its like seeing a dog on the street. The appearance of the king eagle is brown body and a yellow beak.

We didn't see Deer, wolf, rabbits or marmots because these animals are deep in the middle of the forest and nowhere near the piste (ski runs).

In Saas Almagell we saw four  types of animals.One was a deer. It is called a Chamois. The second one is like a goat  with big curved horns, called an Ibex.The third animal was like a sheep but half of their body is black and the other half is white. The last animal was a very small black deer.We saw these animals playing on the bottom of the mountain. 
These are some pictures of glaciers in Zermatt and Saas Fee. Glaciers are formed by snow that stays in the same place year-round, when enough snow increases to transform into ice it forms a glacier. Each year new layers form and put pressure on previous layers which means that glaciers are always growing and moving down the mountain.

When we saw the glaciers it was really incredible to be so close and see the colour of it (the colour of a glacier that we saw was a blue colour). It is amazing to look at the shapes that they form.On one of the roads to a piste you can actually touch the glacier!