Great Wall of China
When we went to Beijing we went and saw the Great Wall of China. It isn't that big in width and height but huge in length.  On the Great Wall of China there are lots of watch towers. A watch tower is a 2 floor old little building where thousands of gurads watched to make sure that they kept the Hunsout of China.  There are two types of towers, one is called the watch tower and one is called the signal tower.  There were two types of signals, in the day they would burn wolf poo and in the night they made a fire. They used wolf poo because when you burn it, the smoke stays very clear in the sky.  In the watch towers, on the second floor there were 2 beds, one for the person from the watch tower and one for the person in the signal tower.

Acrobatic Show
Another thing we did in China was go to a show which was amazing. These pictures were of my favourite parts of the show.  For the first act there was a girl and a chair and the girl was lifting herself upside down and doing lots of really tricky stretches while people just kept bringing out chairs, and in the end she was on top of about sixchairs.  For the next act, there was a group of girls all riding bikes and each one of them did a fancy trick on the bike and then all of the girls ran off stage except for one girl and then all the other girls ran back
on stage and they all made a pyramid and rode around.  The last act was where they brought out a big ball and someone drove a real motorbike into it, then one by one, another 6 people drove their bikes into the ball and they were all doing circles in different directions - this part was my favourite of all!

The zoo
We also took a quick look at the zoo and saw some balck and white pandas, red pandas and a white wolf.

Terracotta Warriors
In the Qin Dynasty (221BC - 206BC) there was an Emperor called Qin and he wanted to make Brinze statues of his officers, warriors and generals but his advisor said he shouldn't make them out of bronze because he spent too much money building the Great Wall of China and lots of buildings.  His advisor suggested he make them from clay so he did and painted them. And this very day they are still putting clay statues back together.  But they still haven't opened Emperor Qin's tomb because they think it has traps in it.